Tarun Garg

Can a logic app call itself recursively?

Recently I come across an interface requirement where I need to call LogicApp recursively. Initially, I was a bit concerned that is this possible but turned out it's quite straightforward using http action.

Start the logic app with an HTTP call and trigger recursively again using HTTP action. There is no check so if your condition does not end the recursive calling you can create an infinite-ending loop.

Trigger LogicApp

Recursive Logic App



If you have many logic apps and a common key vault, if most of the logic apps accessing the key vault using managed identity then instead of adding identity from each logic app to key vault access policy, you can create “User Assigned managed identity” and assign to all logic app and give access to this “User Assigned managed identity” to the key vault. This is a cleaner solution and you can easily control access to the key vault which is a critical part of the security setup.

Create User Assigned managed:

Add User Assigned Managed Identity to LogicApp:



We often want to control LogicApp Recurrence like:

  1. Execute between 8 AM to 8 PM every 15 minutes
  2. Disable all logic app during weekend maintenance and then enable all

We can use the action “Invoke resource operation” to control one logic app from another logic app. Like

Disable Logic App: testcall

Enable Logic App: testcall